Wednesday 8/3

August 3, 2016

Strength, WOD

Warm up
400 m run
Bear crawl, backwards bear crawl, bear walk, backwards bear walk, side lunge, crab walk
For time:
12 ring handstand push-ups
225-135-lb. back squats, 15 reps
20 burpees over bar
9 ring handstand push-ups
205/105-lb. front squats, 18 reps
20 burpees over bar
6 ring handstand push-ups
185/95 lb. overhead squats, 21 reps
20 burpees over bar

EMOM of:
1 Push jerk @70-80%

Midline /finisher
1/2 Mile Sled Drag

Gymnastics /plyos
On the Minute for 10 Minutes: 2 Kneeling Jumps *add plates if poss.
Box Jump Overs – 5 x 5


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