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January 1, 2017

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January community challenge:

although our December challenge didn’t go as well as we predicted that was my fault for picking a community number too high. To those who participated toward the goal, thank you! It’s not about getting a number in to get it in, It’s about getting better! I hope you walked away from this month feeling better about wall balls!!!

January challenge: – as a coaching staff we have come up with a challenge for this month; tuck hold challenge!!

the purpose of this challenge is not to just get time in a tuck to win something or prove you can put in more time than someone else. The purpose of this challenge is to help you develop your midline. Lately I’ve had many people suffering with low back pain or I’ve noticed just a lack of midline awareness. It’s not about a 6 pack, with more midline strength and stabilization that will come as a result!

Midline stabilization is essential for effective functional movement. The midline is the entire spine, and its stability is dependent not just on the core, but also on all the prime movers of the body, including the hip, glutes, and hamstrings. Excessive tightness in any of the prime movers will affect the core muscles, often resulting in low back pain.

Activating our core and glute muscles prior to a lift will make us more aware of our midline and prepare our spine for proper loading. Often when putting weight overhead without an active midline causes an athlete to hyper-extend at the low back, resulting in an unfavorable overhead position. Tightening the core and squeezing the glutes will reposition the athlete from an anterior pelvic tilt to a neutral pelvic position.

The challenge: as a community accumulate 2000 minutes in a tuck hold. The individuals with the top times accumulated will receive a prize! ┬áBefore class, after class, at home, you can do this challenge anywhere!! Just log your time on the board!! Let’s reach a goal together and get better as a community!!!

Ask a coach if you have any questions!!


Warm up
Dynamic running
20 each leg kicks and swings

5 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 sit-ups
30 good mornings


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