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Our Mission

CrossFit St. Helens’ mission is to provide our members with a long term physical development program that promotes health and well-being. With an emphasis on functional living, we provide you with the ability to take your fitness to the highest level, often exceeding your expectations.

Our Team

At CrossFit St. Helens we value the importance of coaching, and we take great pride in our coachig.  CrossFit is a life long fitness program, in which you should never stop developing physically.  The only way you can continue to achieve these newfound levels of fitness is through good coaching and programming.  We understand that the science in this field is continuing to evolve, and in order to continue to coach at a high level we need to continue to research and develop.  We are not a bootcamp, and we are not drill sergeants.  We will push you, but above all we value and respect your safety.  Long term development will always outweigh our decisions to push you too soon.


Carleen Mathews-Owner/Head coach

Carleen Lessard has CrossFit tattooed on her heart! Carleen’s passion and love for competitive sports started at a young age. Throughout high school she poured her energy into competitive soccer and
softball. That drive and dedication paid off when Carleen was awarded a scholarship to play softball at Clackamas Community College as a pitcher. During Carleen’s second season she suffered an injury, which resulted in a red shirt year and a transfer to St. Martins University in Lacey, WA and eventually
finishing her softball career at Concordia University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Carleen struggled to find that healthy balance of competitive commodore in her life following her softball career, until she found CrossFit in December 2010. After her first week of CrossFit, Carleen found what she was searching for and fell in love. A year into CrossFit, Carleen competed in her first local
competition, where she took 8th place. In 2012, Carleen continued to compete locally and regionally placing 18th in the 2012 CrossFit Games NW Regionals, 8th in 2013, and 4th in 2014 as well as 21st in the World Wide Open. 

In May of 2012, Carleen became a CrossFit level 1 trainer and began doing one-on-one work with individuals, coaching classes, and offering private sport specific training. she took her coaching to the next level becoming a CF level 2 and CrossFit Kids certificate holder. 

Carleen believes that everyone has an inner athlete inside of them and is passionate about bringing that out of people to help them reach goals they never thought possible.  Carleen is passionate about every avenue of the CrossFit program and lifestyle.  She loves coaching, lives to compete and
believes wholeheartedly that CrossFit changes and saves lives.


2012 NW regionals

2013 NW regionals

2014 NW regionals

2015 West regionals

2015 CrossFit Games


Crossfit level 1 trainer

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Level 2 course

CrossFit Gymnastics

Powermonkey Camp

NASM certified personal trainer

NFHS certified coach

Keith Mathews-Co- Owner/Coach


-CrossFit level 1 trainer certification
-CPR certification
-Licensed EMT

I started doing CrossFit on and off in 2012 mixing in globo gym workouts. In 2013 I made the full switch to full time CrossFit. Growing up I was athletic. I played sports in high school ( cross country, football, lacrosse, track and field). Coming to CrossFit felt like it was a good fit for me. I love good friendly competition and I love the community of CrossFit. The support you get whether you are finishing first or dead last, someone is always cheering you on.

If I were to have a favorite workout it would have to have some sort of heavy cleans and jerk and double-unders.

I tend to be the jokester of the group where ever I am at. If I can get you to laugh then I feel like I have done my job right. I think you should enjoy coming into the gym knowing you are going to get a hard workout in and leaving feeling better. When I am coaching I like to push people a little beyond what they think they can do, I like to see people achieve things they may not have know they had the ability to do.


Sasha Renning- Coach


My passion for fitness was instilled in me at a young age through the example of my parents. I was brought up in the world of Mixed Martial Arts and as I grew older I also took the more traditional route, playing youth basketball and volleyball.

Once in high school all of my focus was in Volleyball, of which I played competitively for 4 years. Once out of high school I struggled to find a replacement for Volleyball. I filled a few years trying new things but mostly stayed active with running and weightlifting.

After a move to the town of St. Helen’s I stumbled into CrossFit St.Helens and after one class I was hooked. It quickly became a passion and filled the void I had had since leaving team sports.

My passion and what really gets me motivated is watching people breakdown personal barriers. Seeing when people realize they have an ability they didn’t think they had or try something they are afraid of. Stepping outside their comfort zone so they can get better at something.

CrossFit allows me to see that everyday and motivates me to do the same in my own fitness and motivates me to be a better coach. I approach everything with a positive attitude and hard work and it is my hope that I can help others reach their potential.